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The XŌtaki College Alumni Trust and a private donor have each given $5000 to the college for 20 new Chromebooks.

Principal Andy Fraser says the donations have been timely given the effects of Covid-19 on student learning.

“XŌtaki found out about how important the online environment is for students who have to cope with learning both at college and from home when we are faced with Omicron,” Andy says. “They also knew some whānau were struggling financially, and they immediately committed to funding $5000 to buy more chromebooks.”

The donation will buy 10 Chromebooks that will be loaned to whānau in need. It follows a private donation of $5000 for the same purpose.

“The donations are a huge help,” Andy says. “We appreciate the continuing assistance of XŌtaki to the college and the college community to support students in their learning.”

It follows recent support of an extra college counsellor two days a week, and several large projects at the college.

XŌtaki trust helps students with Chromebooks



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