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GOOD DEED: Kaziah Roach-Box gets the lawns mowed as Marian Gallagher looks on. Photo Ian Carson


When help is needed in this community, there’s always someone to step up.

Marian Gallagher is usually one of the helpers, having a long association with support agencies, meals-on-wheels and the Sunday market on the highway. But during lockdown, her regular mower man has been unable to come and keep her lawns in Te Manuao Road as pristine as the garden she proudly tends nearly every day.

So she asked next door if someone would care to do the lawns. Kaziah Roach-Box, 10, was quick to put his hand up.

Marian got her lawns mowed, Kaziah got out of the house but close to home, and they could still keep their 2-metre physical distancing.

Job done.

Kaziah’s lockdown good deed



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