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ATTENTIVE: Local Cubs with Friends of the Ōtaki River chair Max Lutz, far left. Back row from left are Jaye Hazelton-Watson, Scott Eastwood, Jayden Tarachokov (obscured) and Vision Carre. Front row: Marama Stent, Lexi Paroli, Bill Brookman, Finn Butler, Anya Perfect and Cian Young. Sitting is Max

Lansbury. Photo Annie Bythell


The local Cub group got first-hand experience recently of the outdoor space created by the Friends of the Ōtaki River (Fotor).

Cub members and leaders Laurie Ann Engels, Andy Paroli, Jodie Perfect, and Annie and Brent Bythell were given a guided tour of the riverbank by Fotor chair Max Lutz. Max told them he had also been a Cub in Ōtaki 55 years ago. His father, Carl, had been a Scout in the 1940s.

The tour included discussion about how the Friends are restoring plant life along the river and how everyone can help to make it a better place for future generations.

The Cubs were shown the Friends’ arboretum – a showcase of specimen trees – and saw the extensive walkways the group has restored and enhanced around Chrystals Bend.

Cubs experience river walk



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