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Keep fit as you age, and enjoy life


If you’re aged over 50, you’re more conscious of your health because it directly affects your future quality of life.

When I speak to my clients in this age group, the health of their heart is always a concern, and if you’re over 50 and reading this I’m sure you’ve had a similar conversation with your doctor.

Having a fit and healthy heart, as I have mentioned before many times, is the foundation of your fitness. A healthy heart with strong regular beats means your circulatory system is in great shape.

People in their 50s and 60s often talk to me about their health. It comes up at some point, perhaps after their latest check-up at the doctor, their doctor’s concern’s about their future health, their latest medication and its side effects, how they feel as they age and what they notice they’ve lost etc, etc.

You’ve probably noticed, as most people do, that you “slow down a bit” as you pass the half century mark. Joints stiffen, your muscles aren’t what they used to be and you might not have the energy you once had when you were a few years younger. Especially once you retire, you’re just not likely to maintain the same levels of activity you had when you were working.

This is why regular exercise sessions are crucial to maintaining your heart health, as well as your overall health and joint mobility as you enjoy your retirement years. Failure to do this simple maintenance exercise will result in stiffer joints, reduced cardiovascular capacity and the loss of muscular strength.

Many of my older clients tell me they’re able to keep up with their grandchildren or participate fully in their leisure activities because they’re able to see me once a week or more. Their resting heart rate is in the 50 to 60 beats per minute range and their recovery is quicker because of the health of their heart.

They feel better overall and have the fitness, strength and vigour they might have lost if not for the 45 minutes of exercise they do in the studio. They also tell me they probably would not exercise were it not for the privacy of the studio, as my clients are not the type of people who enjoy the larger gym environment. Some also prefer the commitment a regular session with me requires, rather than going to the gym when they get time – which leads to not going at all!

So if you’re concerned about your health and you feel like the gym environment just isn’t for you, then my private studio might be the perfect fit. It’s a place where once or twice a week you can come to improve your heart health and maintain your muscles. It doesn’t need not be overly taxing or involve leaping about like a 20-year-old.

If your health concerns you and your doctor has discussed exercise for you, then give me a call, come by for a chat and we can even do a little fitness test. The chat is free and there’s no obligation to sign up for anything.



Daniel Duxfield is an exercise professional who operates DuxFit Functional Fitness from a private studio in Ōtaki. Contact 022 1099 442 or and see his Facebook page.  


Keep fit as you age, and enjoy life

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