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Mark Rudings at the Littel Ōtaki motel in Dunstan Street. 

The newest motel in town, Littel Ōtaki, is a cool little place that’s big on comfort, style and convenience. 

Located on the old Railway Bowling Club grounds in Dunstan Street, Littel Ōtaki is everything a travelling business person or family would want in a motel. The style is evident, from the colourfuletchings on the roadside wall contrasting with the concrete, to the classy furniture in the rooms. 

Owners Mark and Anna Rudings set the bar high when they worked with their designers and chose the fittings. 

“We like to feel comfortable in a motel, and say, ‘wow, this is nice’ when we walk in,” Anna  says. “So that’s what we’ve aimed for. A motel where we would feel great if we stayed there.” 

They seem to have hit the mark. After opening in early July, Littel Ōtaki has attracted plenty of interest, and positive feedback from the first guests. They’re liking the fact that the rooms are more spacious than most motels. There are 10 in total, including studio units, townhouse-type units, and four large two-bedroom apartments. Combined, the units can comfortably accommodate up to 33 people. 

All the bookings and check-ins at Littel Ōtaki are automated through a system developed by Mark. 

Guests book online and they’re emailed and texted a code to enter on a keypad outside the room. This lets them in when they arrive – at any time of the day or night. In future, the system will even turn the lights on when they enter. 

On the roof are solar panels that heat the water during the day. Mark, who is also a member of the Elevate Ōtaki group, says further sustainability measures have been planned for, with space for energy storage “when it becomes economically viable”. 

Keen organics gardeners, the couple have also planted a variety of trees and shrubs around the property, including in the courtyards at the back of the units. The front of the motel has fruit trees. 

“People have suggested when they come by that the fruit will get pinched,” Mark says. “But that’s what they’re there for. We’d love it if someone came along in the fruit season and grabbed a lemon or an apple. That’s what roadside gardens in the community should be for.”  

LittelŌtaki, 42 Dunstan St,Ōtaki 

Web: e: 

Ph: 0800 LITTEL (548835). Bookings by website only.  


New accommodation reveals Littel motel with a big heart

One of the motel’s two-bedroom units, fitted with plenty of features for a stay away from home. 



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