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Speaking out with misinformation

By food scientist Dr Steve Humphries

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) is a small contrarian group of doctors critical of the Pfizer vaccine. 

On their website they have posted a substantial report, Magnetism? Say What?, which they have sent to government authorities and politicians, claiming the Pfizer vaccine might secretly contain graphene oxide, a substance they say Pfizer has not disclosed, and that this might lead to vaccinated people becoming magnetic. 

They believe the evidence and their findings are “alarming” and that the Ministry of Health should urgently investigate this issue since it poses an “urgent clinical threat”.  They also believe the magnetic effects meet the legal definition of assault, and that affected people should lay complaints with the police.

Pfizer lists all ingredients in its vaccine and has categorically stated its vaccine does not contain graphene oxide. Contrary to comments on social media, they cannot legally hide ingredients as “trade secrets”, and they are not immune to prosecution – fraudulently hiding an ingredient would leave them exposed to criminal liability (which would be just one accredited lab test away).  

That the Pfizer vaccine secretly contains graphene oxide, and that this can cause people to become magnetic, are extraordinary claims. Let’s look at the NZDSOS evidence and their sources of information.

They cite ex-Pfizer employee Karen Kingston, who claims Pfizer includes graphene oxide in its vaccine. Karen was interviewed on the Stew Peters Show as a whistle-blower who had “indisputable documentation” that the Pfizer vaccine contained graphene oxide. Stew Peters regularly promotes Covid anti-vaccine messages and has been banned from YouTube for his Covid disinformation.  

Karen Kingston was not a scientist involved in the development of the Pfizer vaccine; she had been a sales rep for Pfizer in the late 90s and had left the company 10 years before it developed the Covid vaccine. But based on an internet search of the lipids Pfizer used in its vaccine (ALC-0159 and ALC-0315) she concluded that the Chinese company Sinopeg incorporated graphene oxide in those lipids and supplied them to Pfizer. 

A subsequent investigation by Reuters established that Sinopeg did not incorporate graphene oxide in those lipids (the company just talked about graphene oxide in one of its website newsletters) and, in any case, Sinopeg is not the lipid supply company to Pfizer.

Oddly, the only NZDSOS reference for Karen Kingston is to a secondary source, the website of naturopath Ariyana Love, who advises her readers to see the Stew Peters interview. Ariyana regularly appears on the Stew Peters Show, where she rambles about transgenic hydra being in the Covid vaccines, how graphene oxide enables “self-replicating vaccines” for the totalitarian control of transgenic humans, and that vaccinated people should not produce offspring as they will not be human.  

But not to worry, on her website Ariyana sells pine needle tea for graphene oxide detoxification! 

NZDSOS refers to “Spanish scientists” who have reported graphene oxide in the Pfizer vaccine, with some vials containing “as much as 99% graphene oxide”. However, and again oddly, the only reference they give for this is to the website of Sara Middleton, a staff writer at an American health supplement company. Sara’s anti-vaccine blogs include claiming that there is no proof the Covid virus exists. Her company has been formally warned by the Federal Trade Commission for publishing Covid misinformation. 

While Sara refers only to a “team of Spanish researchers”, those researchers are, in fact, Ricardo Delgado Martín and Pablo Campra PhD.  Ricardo is the founder of the blog The Fifth Column (La Quinta Columna) that disseminates Covid misinformation, including that graphene oxide and 5G interact to cause Covid symptoms. Ricardo is a long way down the rabbit hole.  

Ricardo requested the Pablo Campra study, in which Pablo claims to have detected, by microscopic examination, large amounts of graphene oxide in the Pfizer vaccine. But this was an unofficial interim report (a PDF) by a single author that was not peer reviewed.  

The origin of the samples analysed are unknown, there is a complete lack of traceability, and quality control protocols were not reported. Independent experts say the microscopy images could be anything. Pablo’s own university denounced the study and stated: “This university neither endorses nor shares” the study’s conclusions.

NSDSOS refer to an anonymous report by The Scientist Club, who also provide microscopy images of foreign bodies they claim might be evidence of graphene oxide in the Pfizer vaccine. Why do the authors hide their identity? Because they are Antonietta Gatti and husband Stefano Montanari (as revealed by the meta data on their PDF reports), co-authors of a discredited anti-vax book that makes false claims that vaccines cause autism and other serious conditions.

Prior to the Covid pandemic they had been banned from using the electron microscopes at their former university because their images of “contaminants” in vaccines had no scientific validity. In short, their microscopy images were anti-vaccine fear mongering, not science. 

The Scientist Club report is only a white paper without peer review. Like the other microscopy images appearing on the internet, there is a lack of sample traceability, and scant description of methodology. Independent experts say the images look like contaminants and artifacts introduced during sample processing.

Finally, NZDSOS refer to a press conference at the Pathological Institute in Reutlingen, Germany. Journalists can’t find the institute. The “press conference” was a presentation given by two retired pathologists and a retired electrical engineer to a small group of people.  As a “press conference” it by-passes any peer review. Microscopy images of foreign bodies in vaccines were interpreted as possibly being graphene oxide, or metal, or microchips! Independent experts think the images are likely to be dirt and other contaminants introduced during sample preparation, with one researcher describing the presentation as “irresponsible bullshit”.

The video recording of the presentation has been removed from YouTube for violating community guidelines for Covid misinformation. The German Society for Pathology “distances itself sharply from the video”, and states that the data presented is “not scientifically founded”.

Looking at the NZDSOS evidence for graphene oxide in the Pfizer vaccine, there is not one peer-reviewed article or supporting statement from a university. There is no credible scientific evidence for graphene oxide in the Pfizer vaccine.

NZDSOS are not “speaking out with science”, they are speaking out with misinformation they have found doing “research” on social media.

In my next article I will look at the extraordinary NZDSOS claim that the Pfizer vaccine can magnetise people, and their survey of magnetised people in New Zealand.

 Health scientist Dr Steve Humphries is a director at Hebe Botanicals in Ōtaki. He was previously a lecturer at Massey University and director of the Health Science Programme.



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