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Expressway - the numbers

PP2Ō is a four-lane expressway stretching about 13 kilometres from Peka Peka to north of Ōtaki.

  •  Ten structures have been built – nine bridges and one pedestrian/cycle underpass opposite Makahuri (Marycrest) for the shared pathway.

  •  107 streetlights have been installed to illuminate the main alignment and about 33.4km of wire rope barriers will be along the shoulders and median strip.

  •  About 3.6 million cubic metres of earth have been moved.

  •  More than 50 permanent culverts have been installed under the expressway, in addition to roadside drainage pipes.

  •  Six new wetlands have been created along the expressway as part of the ecological mitigation across the project (they reduce the effects of flooding by absorbing rain). The existing Makahuri Wetland has also been enhanced.



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