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The clock on the wall shows just past 29 hours, indicating Manukura GPS has broken the world record for playing 4-square non-stop.  The college students also raised more than $12,000 for the Mental Health Foundation.

Photo Ian Carson

The Manukura GPS boys of Ōtaki College unofficially hold the world record for the number of hours playing 4-square non-stop.

Just after 2pm on Sunday, October 4, the team called it quits after playing in the college hall continuously since Saturday morning.  They had beaten the previous mark in the Guinness Book of World Records by an hour. The new record is 30 hours.

Of the original group of 10, four were forced to pull out with strains and other injuries. However, it was unlikely to affect the record as the game could be continued – only four needed to be playing at any given time. The record has yet to be officially confirmed by Guinness.

Teacher Sam Ward, who also played throughout the attempt, said he was proud of the effort.

“I’m blown away by how they all stuck at it,” Sam says. “And we had great support from the community.”

The idea of playing 4-square was more than just a world record attempt. It provided a reason for people to support Manukura with fundraising for the Mental Health Foundation.

A givealittle page was set up, which at the time of Ōtaki Today going to print had raised more than $12,000.

The page (look for Manukura on the website was to remain open and accepting donations for the rest of the week.

Manukura GPS goes into Guinness Book of Records



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