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Lights out and there’s nobody home



It was a matter of the lights going out and nobody to be found after an SUV collided with a power pole early on the morning of October 9.

The crash happened in Waerenga Road near the entrance to New World about 1.45am.

Police say the 2006 Mitsubishi Pajero was doing burnouts on Waerenga Road but the driver lost control and crashed into the concrete pole. The pole fell across the road with power outages throughout Ōtaki. 

“The driver of the vehicle decamped prior to police arrival,” said Ōtaki sergeant Phil Grimstone.

Several hours later the registered owner contacted police to report the vehicle stolen.  Police are still investigating the report and the crash. They say if anyone has any information to contact Constable David Carr at Levin Police or Sergeant Grimstone at Ōtaki Police.

New World owner Steven Cole, who had been called to the scene, was concerned about produce spoling in his chillers and freezers after the power outage.

He told Ōtaki Today later that Electra had done “a fantastic job” to see that the supermarket was up and running quickly.

Lights out and there’s nobody home



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