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Green waste beach dumping concerns


The alleged assault of a man who confronted dumpers of green waste at the Ōtaki River estuary has highlighted the delicacy of the local ecosystem.

In the early evening on January 31, the man noticed a ute with a large bag of green waste on the back. He had seen evidence of dumping around the beach before and was suspicious.

Police say he followed the ute and when the occupants were about to dump the waste, he confronted the male driver. Two other people – a man and a woman – were also in the vehicle.

The driver immediately became aggressive and argumentative, stating that he had right to do what he wanted.

He pushed the victim in the chest twice, forcing him backwards, and then threatened to “punch your teeth in”, and made further threats.

A 45-year-old Ōtaki male was arrested and charged with assault and threatening language.  He was bailed to appear in the Levin District Court on the February 7. He did not enter a plea and was to appear again on February 21.

One man who did not want to be identified, fearing retribution, told Ōtaki Today the evidence of green waste – and other rubbish – is evident in many places around the estuary.

“The whole area is a key native ecosystem that’s had a huge amount of work done by Friends of the Ōtaki River, and the regional and district councils,” he says. “It’s an important site for recreation and food gathering.”

He understood the area of the latest incident was planted about 20 years ago.

“The problem with dumping garden waste is that it’s often contaminated with exotic weeds and seeds like blackberry and colvolvulus that just take over. The work then becomes weed control.”

If Kāpiti Coast District Council receives information about people dumping waste – usually to avoid tip fees – it will issue a warning with the possibility of a $400 fine.

KCDC advises people observing waste dumping should contact them by phone (04 296 4700 or 0800 486 486), putting in an online service request at or via the free mobile Antenno app.




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Green waste beach dumping concerns


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