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Downtown PostShop, Kiwibank, Lotto in limbo


The owners of the business running Ōtaki’s last bank and only PostShop are selling up, prompting rumours about closure of the town’s vital services.

The lease on the Main Street premises housing the agencies – including one of Ōtaki’s two Lotto outlets (the other is at New World) – is not being renewed by agency owners Trudy and Allen Laing. They did not wish to be quoted, but Trudy did confirm they wished to move on and the lease was on the market.

The new leaseholder will need to be accepted as an agency holder for the three services to continue providing those services.

The Laings are continuing to operate meantime, renewing their lease month-to-month until a new leasee is signed up for the centrally located premises.

However, what has prompted local speculation is the possibility the lease is not renewed. If the Laings eventually move on without a new lease signed, the PostShop, Kiwibank and Lotto could have to move elsewhere in Ōtaki, or close completely, leaving Ōtaki without vital banking and postal services.

Ōtaki Today asked NZ Post, Kiwibank and Lotto if they could offer a firm commitment to remaining in Ōtaki, whether at the current premises or elsewhere.

None was able to provide a firm guarantee.

NZ Post said: “NZ Post is aware the current business is on the market, and we are hopeful they will soon be able to sell to new owner(s) who would maintain the same NZ Post services. We have been advised by the current owners that they do not wish to renew their contract with NZ Post, so if the business is not sold, it will need to close. If it comes to that, NZ Post will consider other alternatives in the Ōtaki community.”

Kiwibank said: “Kiwibank is unique in that it is the only bank in New Zealand that partners with retailers across the country to provide our services in more locations. One of these partner agents is Ōtaki Post & Lotto. We’re aware the owner of Ōtaki Post & Lotto is looking to sell this business and we’ll await the outcome of the process. We often have long-standing relationships with our partner agents and during the course of these relationships it’s not unusual for a business to be sold. When this occurs, we look to work with the new owners to continue offering our services.”

Lotto said it was also aware the business was for sale. A spokesperson said: “Should new owners wish to continue to run a Lotto NZ counter from the business, they would need to apply under our standard retail expression of interest process, as our retailer agreement is with the individual business owner rather than the store itself. We know the ‘Lotto store’ is often a mainstay in smaller communities. Wherever possible we will continue to support retailers to run successful Lotto NZ outlets for customers across New Zealand, including in Otaki.”




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Downtown PostShop, Kiwibank, Lotto in limbo


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